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Weekly Blog Post 090821

Sep 08, 2021

Welcome to this weeks Blog Post - This is the week of September 08, 2021. That's right. Another Wednesday. Almost to the downside to the weekend. Let's just try to make it through today and then only 2 more days.......

Today I want to give you something for free. How about a quick list of the most used Pro Tools Key Commands. Yep, There you go. We had a student a few months ago that put this list together to help her study and get faster and more efficient with using Pro Tools. This seemed to help her a lot. So I figured. It might help the rest of us.

It's real quick and easy. A great cheat sheet to help you learn the most used commands to help make you a better / faster engineer. Enjoy.

I'll put a link here in the Blog.

Another note: Like I said in the video, I will be setting up a drum session on Sunday, Sept. 12, 2021 - What I'll do is set up a live feed where you guys can come in and watch me set up the drums and the session, etc. It might be super interesting to some. I'll send a link to the live feed out to the list on Saturday. Either Twitch or Youtube. So, if you are on our email list, look for the Live Feed Link. If you are not on the list. Click the link below and get signed up. You don't want to miss this stuff. It happens all the time.

I hope to see you here on Sunday morning. When you get in, let me know you're here by commenting. I'll try to pay attention to the comments and answer back if i can. I'll be here alone doing the setup. It's hard to get the interns here on weekends for some reason.

Anyway, enjoy the free Pro Tools Key Commands pdf and I hope to see you here on Sunday. It's going to be blast!

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