About Learn Pro Recording

Online learning - Consulting - Tech Support - Studio Design - Workshops and Webinars to help you become a better Audio Engineer / Producer

LPR started as a way to reach out to our students and those that want to learn this amazing craft of Recording, Mixing and Producing. We found that some needed extra guidance to get where they wanted to be. And, some just needed a little push to get over a hurdle.
SO, we decided that we would create a platform so that everyone had a place to come to ask questions and get "REAL" answers from "REAL" engineers and producers. Engineers and producers that actually work in the music business, making their living doing just that.

We are here to help. If you have a question about how to wire your studio. Or, how to mix hiphop drums. Or pretty much whatever your question might be, we will try to answer it for you.

Hopefully, you learn something along the way that will make you a better recording engineer, mixer or even a hobbyist that does your own thing on weekends. We are here for you. Reach out anytime.

Meet Donny Baker

Recording Engineer - Mix Engineer - Producer - Studio Manager -Lead Technician

Hello - I am Donny Baker - I go by dB. Yeah, I know, very cliche. But it works for me. I like it loud!

I spent the first part of my career as a "LIVE" Audio Engineer. Touring with bands and mixing local shows and corporate events, Etc.

My wife and I met while I was working on a pretty big tour in the early 90's and decided that it was time to settle down. Basically, I was tired of living on a bus.

We now own and operate a Recording Studio facility in Los Angeles, CA

I also teach a Recording Program here locally where the students actually come into the studio for lessons. Mentoring!

I enjoy showing what I know and sharing my experiences so that maybe you will learn and grow to become the engineer that I know you can be.

Meet Uriel Soto Jr. (USJR)

Recording Engineer - Mix Engineer - Producer - Musician - Composer

Hello - My name is Uriel Soto Jr. - I go by Jr.

About 10 years ago, after Jr. graduated from Recording Connection he immediately began working with us here at ES Audio Services in Burbank, CA.

Jr. is an awesome engineer as well as an amazing musician and producer.

He is also the guy that understands Music Theory. It's always a good idea to hang with someone that knows Music Theory.

If you need tracks built or produced from scratch. Call on Jr. He can and WILL get the job done. 

Uriel is also very comfortable helping you with using Ableton Live as well as Pro Tools & Logic Pro X