Do You REALLY Need to go to Audio School to Become an Audio Engineer or Producer?

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What are the advantages of going to an
Audio School for a degree

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What are the worst things about an
Audio School degree

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Here are a few Pros:

  • University experience
  • You get to move away from home
  • Networking abilities with like minded people
  • 4 years studying abroad?
  • Awesome to have a degree from a prestigious university or college

Here are few Cons

  • You have to move away from home
  • 4 years you could spend actually learning and applying your craft
  • Did I already mention, EXPENSIVE...
  • Networking with people that are not going to help you because they are too busy trying to figure out how to pay off their own student loans.

Let's talk Alternative

  • Study local. No need to move far away from your network support
  • Learn by doing with a mentor that Records and Produces for a living
  • While you are learning, you are meeting people and making contacts with people that can actually help you grow
  • You are learning in a working recording studio. So, now you know how to work in a studio? What? Yeah. That.....
  • MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE than a traditional 4 year college
  • Graduate with a certificate that tells the world that you ACTUALLY know stuff and can get the job done
  • More and More and Much More....... 

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