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Basic Studio Etiquette - Yes, that is an actual thing!

Oct 27, 2021

Hello, Everyone.

Yes. We have had a few near catastrophes recently in the studio. So, I thought it might be time to share the Studio Etiquette publication again for those that missed it or are new to the program here at LPR.

The link is below. It's FREE. So, go ahead and download it. No worries if you don't. It's pretty basic stuff, really. Things like - don't pour your drink on the console - Don't yell at the client - You know? Simple stuff.

We recently had a mishap that could have, or should I say, SHOULD have been avoided with the simple understanding that some of the vintage studio gear can be fragile and easily broken or destroyed if not respected and taken care of.

One instance, which I don't mind sharing involves a very ambitious intern/apprentice.

While the mix engineer (me), was in the middle of a mix on the analog console ( No Recall. And, no control of anything digital), I went out to take a break to basically enjoy some of our amazing fall-like weather here in Burbank, CA - Also, to clear my head and let my ears have a bit of a break. Plus, there was probably coffee involved in this break, I'm sure. 

Anyway. The intern for the day - (No names) - I'm not that mad about it. At the time it was kind of funny. But, the intern decided to help me out and "ZERO" out my console and take all the tape off the console, and clean up....... Etc. Etc.

You see where this is going, right?

After a few choice words with the intern in question. I decided that I should make a list of things that I think are important in the studio, as far as basic rules and courtesies go to share with all of our interns and assistants, etc. So was born the Basic Studio Etiquette Guide.

I hope the publication helps you understand the little things that should be important in any studio. Basic things like - Maybe not do things like clean up the console without first asking the engineer if that is a good idea. Or, maybe as an intern on the session, not tell the super famous guitar player from the super famous band that we are recording today, that his guitar tone could be better. You know? Little things like that that you might want to avoid. Just saying. 

These tips can probably help you get and keep the gig of a lifetime. There are tons of stories about the lowly intern being in the hallway sweeping up and the famous producer comes out and asks if he can mix because the engineer was running late and now that intern is an amazing mix engineer at an amazing studio and has 4 Grammys. I mean, Damn. Right?

So, next time you are in the studio. Just think about all the ways you can make the studio experience more pleasurable for you and your client. That client will ask you back and possibly be the start of an amazing relationship that can last into multiple records and multiple accolades. And, a long and happy career doing what you love. All because you were courteous and genuine while in the session.

Happy Recording - Go Be Awesome!

Download the FREE PDF Today! - FREE pdf - Basic Studio Etiquette