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So, We decided to NOT do the Live Webinar

Aug 11, 2021

Due to underwhelming interest in our Live Drum Mic Webinar. We have decided to NOT do it.

We will instead do a Live Q&A on anything. That's right. Ask anything. Raw and un-edited. It should be fun.

I guess nobody really cares enough about mic'ing drums in a studio to give up a Friday night to watch some old dude make awesome sounds with crappy microphones. But hey. That's OK. I get it. So. I'm just gonna turn on the cameras and you can come in and ask questions.

Here are some basic questions: How do you get to the studio everyday? Do you like Grits? Do you play a Banjorita? or Sheep Bell? Whatever you want to know about. Anything!

See you on Friday at 7pm. Here is the link to get signed up - Ask Anything Workshop


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