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I Quit!

May 11, 2022

I Quit!

I can’t do this anymore - 

Some of you guys just don’t get it. I have tried and tried to get through to you. But you just don’t get it. So, with that. I am done. 

If you don’t want this gig. Please go away so that someone else might have a shot.

Someone who actually might want this. Someone who might want to learn and grow into an engineer/producer/studio owner and make their living doing what they absolutely love to do - MUSIC Creation!

We have talked about this particular thing more than once. But, you don’t seem to care, or you are simply giving a middle finger to how this craft is learned.

I’ll say it again. Since you are now curious as to what I am talking about. 

Should I use all capital letters so that you understand that it is really important?

Studio Internships!

Maybe I’m mistaken. Or maybe I simply take it for granted that everyone would love to be an Audio Engineer / Music Producer / Studio Owner? I don’t know. 

Coming up, I couldn’t wait to get into a studio and learn from someone who does this for their living. I REALLY wanted to do this. I REALLY wanted to be this. I did whatever it took to get in and stay in. When I was finally ALLOWED into a studio as an intern (Working for FREE), I brought a sleeping bag. 

I didn’t want to leave for fear that I might be replaced if I wasn’t there. I felt I might miss something important. I wanted only to learn, grow and become an Audio Engineer / Producer / Studio Owner.

Today - I own and operate a pretty successful, medium-sized recording studio in Los Angeles, CA. I have made my living as an Audio Engineer for 30+ years. I’ve raised my family, paid my bills, and grown my studio while doing what I love. Audio Engineering. And I enjoy teaching others.

Hey - maybe the job down at the warehouse is your thing, and you don’t want to leave. I’m good with that. We need people to box up that shampoo and send it to us from the Amazon warehouse. You’re doing a great job, and it is very important. Come on, you know we can only get that brand of shampoo from Amazon. Or Walmart. But who wants to go to Walmart?
You know what? You work hard, keep your head down and do your job, and you might get a 5% raise in the next two years. Maybe you can afford to buy that name-brand Mac and Cheese box instead of the nasty store brand that no one likes. 

Yep, that sounds terrible. And it is. Who wants that?

You know who wants that? The guy that books studio time as a Student or Intern. And then just doesn’t bother showing up.

You block my time when you book into the studio as a “STUDENT”. I can’t do anything else because I am scheduled to work with you. My student. If you simply don’t show up, you have wasted 2 hours of my time.
Do you know how much money I can make in 2 hours? My regular rate for recording as an engineer is $100 per hour. I might even be able to mix a song in 2 hours. I can charge $500+ for a demo mix. Get it?

Look. If you are wasting my time like that. You will only do it once. I don’t play.
I will block you from future bookings.

Go ahead, call me a dick. Complain. Send Karen over to talk to me. Whatever.
I’m sure no one will give me a hard time teaching you about how
Real Life in the studio works. 

This business is all about dedication and sacrifice to get where you want to go. You’ve heard about that 10,000-hour deal? It’s a real thing.

 If you truly want to become and grow in a career as an Audio Engineer / Producer / Studio Owner, get ready to sacrifice and grind it out. 

 Hey. If it were easy. Everyone would do it - Because this is the coolest job ever!

 So. I’ll keep this short. Since you don’t want to be here. Go away. I’m done with you. I only want to hang out with those that genuinely want to be here. 

Sorry. No refunds.

Apply to be an intern at my studio - My Studio - Only if you truly want to. 


Don't be mad. I am not making fun of any particular person  - I am simply trying to make you giggle. This is a joke!