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Happy Monday - Mondays are the best!

Aug 16, 2021

Here we are. Another Monday. Man, I, for one am super bummed about today, so far.

Today I basically have to fix my own AC unit is the Studio A. I also, had to go to the hardware store to buy some pipe for that project. And then found out it was the wrong size. I didn't know you have to measure pipe.....Aren't they all the same?

It's been so long since I went to the DIY. I hope a bunch of people bring their dogs to the hardware store. You guys know how much I love that. Dogs helping the owner pick out a new toilet seat and wall color for the paint. That's so cute.

And then. To top off my Monday morning. My other car wouldn't start. Awesome. So, I go back in to the studio to get the boost pack that had been on the charger, like all night. Walk all the way back to the car. It's like 100 yards. Then. I find out that the terminal post on the battery is loose. So. I have to walk all the way back the studio and get a wrench. And then walk all the way back to the car. You think it's funny. But it's like half a block away. And, it's kinda hot outside. It's like 79. So. I come back with the wrench and tighten up the battery thingy. Then I hook up the booster pack and --- Nothing. It's dead too. Damn.

So. that has been quite a day so far. But - Silver lining. This does mean I get a trip to Harbor Freight Tools to buy some extra long jumper cables. Because the other car that I have to do jump thing has the battery on the other side of the car to the other car. So, I need jumper cables that are like, I don't know. 10 feet long or something.

I don't care. I'm just glad I am a millennial. I don't know how my parents did this stuff everyday. All this extra hard work. And, for what? Whatever. 

See you next time - I guess. Have a great week.

The above is only a fictional story. Any resemblance to any real person or scenario is purely coincidental?

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