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Happy Monday! Don't you just love Mondays

Aug 03, 2021

We have some super exciting things going on this week around the old studio front. 

For one - It looks like we might be joining a network of studios that share a APP for booking which is going to be exciting. We don't have to change what we do at all. The APP will filter only those clients that are looking for our Analog systems. 

Second - We just launched out new Member Site. Find it here if you want to check it out.
LPR Member site It's only $5 per month - Or you can pay for the whole year up front and save even more. It's only $51 for whole year.

With being a member you get exclusive access to our online content as well as member only content. And, A Member only Facebook style group that is very private and hosted by us here at Learn Pro Recording. Share information and ideas with the other members as well as Free content such as Pro Tools Templates and Track Templates and Plugin Presets exclusive for us Only!

Go check it out and get signed up. No obligation needed. If you don't like it. I'll give you your $5 back. So Easy. Right? See y'all over there.

Your LPR Tech Krewe!

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