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Give it away? Okay.

Sep 14, 2022

So an older, more wise mentor I respect and look up to said that my Basics of Signal Flow course was terrific. Then he said - "You should give it away for free!" And I thought, Sure. I can do that.

So here you go - My Basics of Signal Flow Course is now 100% Free.

All I ask in return is that you leave comments along the way. There are plenty of places during the course to leave comments. Just let me know if you like it. If the course helps you in some way. Maybe I have explained something in a way that helps you understand it more than ever before. Let me know.

Let me know if you think it's terrible. Let me know if I should change something about the course. Maybe I forgot something important that you think should be in the course. Whatever it is. Help me help you. Let me know if there is anything that I can share with you that you might need help with. Maybe you've been struggling with something in your studio or everyday workflow that you think I can help you with.

Look. This is what we are here. To pass our knowledge and experience onto the next generation of engineers that are goi to take over when we are done. You guys are the future of music. You are the future of this art of making music. 

I'm not concerned about trying to make $40 from you. I make my living making music as an audio engineer/studio owner. My only concern is that you get some value from my knowledge and experience.

Enjoy the FREE course, and have a great week. We'll see you on the Podcast.

Again -